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Irish Moiled


Our sister farm, Knowehead is home to a growing herd of Irish Moiled Cattle. They are one of our rarest native cattle breeds and the only breed native to Northern Ireland. They are also one of the most distictive breeds being polled (no horns) and have red and white markings, typically red ears, nose and a white stripe down the back. But no two Moiles are the same!

'Moiley's' are a joy to work with, they have fantastic temperments, are great mothers and are easy kept even on the poorest of pastures. They also have a fabulous meat - marbled and full of flavour.


They are traditionally a dual purpose animal producing both meat and milk, however with
the introduction of more modern commercial dairy and beef animals the Moile declined dramatically in the '70's to less than 30 animals.
Today numbers are increasing greatly with the help of the 'Irish Moiled Cattle Society' who insure the integrity of the breed through DNA profiling and parentage prooving.

Our first heifer Glassdrummond Lily 12th was purchased in 2005  and our herd is steadily growing in numbers, with success in the show ring too.

We are dedicated and very proud breeders of Northern Ireland's only surviving native breed of cattle. Our aim is to help preserve all the tradtional dual purpose, easy kept qualities of the breed whilst producing steers that are easily fattened off grass alone with beef of excellent quality and unique flavour.

Any surplus steers are finished on farm solely on a grass fed system and sold in our own Beef Boxes.  

Visitors welcome to view the herd.

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